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How do we Support Ourselves?

A May message from Westminster Cathedral


‘The voice of prayer is never silent’: so goes the line of the famous hymn. This has certainly been the case over the past few weeks during this unprecedented time of lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic. Westminster Cathedral, along with churches the world over, has continued to be a place of intense and consistent daily prayer despite its doors being locked. Through the medium of the internet many people have been able to join us for Mass, Holy Hour and Sunday Vespers and Benediction. In this, Mary’s month of May, we will add the daily recitation of the Holy Rosary. We have been much encouraged by the number of emails and calls from all over the world, thanking us for the provision of the livestream facility. We calculate that up to 50,000 watched the livestreamed liturgies throughout the Triduum and Easter Sunday. It should be noted that this was only made possible thanks to a generous anonymous donation.

Having the doors closed makes the Cathedral unusually still and solemn. There is still much work to do, of course. The lockdown has certainly increased the number of emails being received, and we are hoping that there will be the possibility of opening up soon in a safe way as part of a step by step move from lockdown. In the meantime, the chaplains are keen and able to respond to calls for help from parishioners, and the Clergy House reception is staffed in the daytime. There are further details on this website.

You will understand that even when the doors are closed, keeping the Cathedral up and running costs a great deal of money. Many people have responded generously to an earlier appeal on this website, and we thank you for that. There have been new standing orders set up, and a good number of one off donations, which are certainly going some way to make up for the severe loss of revenue at this time. If you are able to help us in this way, your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Alongside this, we are making sure that we are being careful in what we spend and looking seriously at ways to economize in these straightened times. Like all historic buildings, we are constantly examining the care of the fabric of our beloved Cathedral into the future. Please do consider how you might be able to help us. There are many ways to do so – please contact agnesdabrowska@rcdow.org.uk for further details.

Let me end, as I began, with prayer. The chaplains are eager to pray for your intentions so please do let us have them. Additionally, Masses may still be booked as usual – and it is best to do so via email (chreception@rcdow.org.uk)"). Please use this address for prayer intentions as well.

These days of separation powerfully remind us of our dependence on God above all else. Together we pray to Him, for an end to this pandemic – especially for those who are seeking to find a vaccine, and for those in government. We also commend the sick to the Lord, and all those who are caring for them – at home, in care homes and in hospitals. And as we remember all who have died, let us also pray for the bereaved and the lonely.

With the assurance of our prayers, and our sincere thanks for visiting us via this website.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Cathedral when the doors are once again thrown open.

Fr Daniel Humphreys