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About the Friends

Friends' Council

Fr Slawomir Witon
Fr Slawomir Witon
Administrator of Westminster Cathedral and Chairman of the Friends
 Professor Andrew Sanders
Professor Andrew Sanders
Andrew Hollingsworth
Andrew Hollingsworth
Linda McHugh
Chair of the Friends@40 Appeal
Zoe Goodway
Euphrasie Mundele - Kilolo
Geraldine Kay

Also assisting Council:

Linda McHugh
Barry Lock
Chair - Friends' Mosaics Committee
Christina White
Christina White
Director of the Friends

Who are the Friends?

Anyone can become a Friend of Westminster Cathedral. The Friends number almost two thousand Catholics and non-Catholics, including local parishioners, visitors from overseas, sightseers and architectural admirers of our great Cathedral. There are Friends of Westminster Cathedral from every part of the World. Everyone who is interested in the spiritual life, history, architecture or music of the Cathedral is encouraged to support us by joining the Friends. If you love this Cathedral and want to help sustain it for the years to come, please do something! Become a Friend of Westminster Cathedral today.

History of the Friends of Westminster Cathedral

Our Society was founded in 1977 to promote the Catholic faith in Westminster and to help the Cathedral and her mission. The Society raises funds for the Cathedral where they are needed, to contribute towards its embellishment (for example our Mosaics work) and to support the Cathedral’s renowned musical tradition. Since its foundation, the Society has raised money to decorate the Vaughan Chantry, to purchase new chairs and hymn books and to install a new sound system to name only a few projects undertaken.

The principal aims of the Society are to financially and socially support the Cathedral and its community. The Society arranges several fundraising events every year in order to achieve these purposes.

The Society is well-known for its enjoyable social and musical events and participation in these is a great way of getting to know people who love Westminster Cathedral.

There is much work to be done to sustain the Cathedral, and, to ensure it will be here for future generations. Our Society recognises the national importance of Westminster Cathedral as a place of prayer and peace, and its importance to pilgrims and parishioners as a source of hope and forgiveness. The Friends exist to preserve the Cathedral as a centre of musical excellence, a historical treasure, and a focal point for the community.

How does the Society operate?

The Society is managed by the elected Council. The Friends' Director acts as the operational centre of the Friends

Friends Events include

  • Choristers' Recitals
  • Talks by eminent Speakers
  • Tours of rarely seen parts of the Cathedral
  • Quiz Evening
  • Club Dinners
  • Candlelit Concerts
  • Christmas receptions and tea parties
  • Visits to historic and religious sites
  • Golf Days
  • Quiet Days of Recollection
  • Receptions after major Cathedral events

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