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Cathedral Lay Staff

A great amount of work is required to keep Westminster Cathedral functioning, to maintain its fabric, and to host the many special events that take place. Behind the scenes, a large team of staff and volunteers ensures that the Cathedral is run efficiently and safely.

Cathedral Manager

Peter McNulty, Cathedral Manager, is responsible for the daily organisation of the Cathedral and the practical side of staging concerts and other large events. He also oversees the Cathedral’s revenue raising operations, comprising the gift shop, tower lift, Cathedral hall hire, and other financial undertakings. Contact Clergy House Reception: 020 7798 9055, or email  CHReception@rcdow.org.uk

Personal Assistant to the Administrator

Elizabeth Arnot, Personal Assistant to the Administrator, has charge of the Administrator's diary; she also has responsibility for liaising between the Administrator and outside organisations, and acts as a source of knowledge and information essential to the running of the Cathedral. Tel: 020 7798 9062

Intern Assistant to the Sub-Administrator

Awaiting appointment

Clergy House Reception

Abigail Bathelo, Kevin Conway and Patricia Cawley, Clergy House Receptionists, provide a front-line service, answering the many personal emails and telephone calls to Clergy House. Tel: 020 7798 9055 Email: chreception@rcdow.org.uk


Fr John Scott is the Editor of Oremus, the Magazine of Westminster Cathedral. He is aided by volunteers. More details on the Oremus pages.


Agnes Dabrowska, Cathedral Finance Manager, works alongside Peter McNulty, the Acting Administrator and all the budget holders on strengthening financial controls and policies across the Westminster Cathedral

Guild of St John Southworth Co-ordinator

A volunteer is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Guild of St John Southworth, which was established in early 2015 to welcome visitors to the Cathedral and offer them short guided tours. Tel: 0207 931 6067

Maintenance Department

Neil Fairbairn, Works Manager, is responsible for running the Cathedral’s Maintenance Department. He deals with organising works and projects around the Cathedral complex. His duties involve health and safety, fire safety and event planning. Tel: 020 7798 9054
Caroline Keogh, Assistant to the Works Manager, assists with the administration of the Maintenance Department. Her duties cover a whole range of issues in dealing with different tradesmen and craftsmen the Cathedral uses. Tel: 020 7798 9053
Bernie Young brings years of experience to the Cathedral's Maintenance Department. His role covers everything from repairs and carpentry in the Cathedral to dealing with practical arrangements for special events, when he works closely with the Cathedral electrician on lighting and PA.
Steve Wilbraham is the Cathedral electrician and deals with all the electrical needs in the Cathedral complex. Amongst his many duties he is responsible for the lighting during special events in the Cathedral.
Sam Holloway is the Maintenance Technician and is an invaluable member of the team. His work covers all aspects of the Maintenance Department and events.

Music Department

Peter Stevens, Assistant Master of Music, plays the organ for the majority of choral services and assists in the conducting of the Cathedral Choir. He plays a full role in all aspects of the Music Department, including the administration of the Sunday organ recital series and the provision of music for weddings and other special services.
Marko Sever is the Organ Scholar, whose duties include playing daily for Morning Prayer, providing organ music for many of the non-choral services, assisting at the choral services and  providing administrative support for the department.
Music Administrator and Liturgy Assistant - Awaiting appointment


Richard Hawker (Head Sacristan), Rose Bermingham, Jerry Tavares and Philip Pinto (Sacristans), prepare the altar for Cathedral ceremonies and are responsible for the care of the vestments and sacred vessels used in the liturgy. They also monitor supplies of candles in the Cathedral.


Andrew Grange, Head of Security, works to ensure the Cathedral and all other buildings on the Cathedral complex are safe and secure for all users.

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Mary Maxwell, Volunteer Co-ordinator (herself a volunteer), is responsible for organising Cathedral volunteers, including Readers and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Tel: 020 7798 9181

Westminster Cathedral Archivist

Miriam Power, Cathedral Archivist, maintains and provides access to the precious heritage of drawings, photographs and documents in the archive.

The Administrator is advised by a Finance and Planning Committee, which oversees the financial operations and budgeting of the Cathedral; a small Commercial sub-committee advises on the Cathedral's money-making operations. The Cathedral Art and Architecture Committee is an advisory body comprising architects, conservators and artists, which advises on the decoration and physical improvement of the Cathedral. The Complex Committee deals with practical and maintenance matters covering the Cathedral, Choir School and Archbishop's House; while the Fire/Health and Safety Committee considers upgrading and maintaining the fire systems and compliance with Health and Safety legislation.